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The secret to choosing the right focal shade and curtain designs that can make your room look expensive

If you want to make your room look professionally designed and expensive, switch to modern curtain designs over ready-made traditional counterparts that are quite common. Choosing the right curtain designs and fabric is not a cakewalk since several styles, designs, patterns, and focal shade curtains are available. You have to choose depending on your style and home décor design. If you go wrong in selecting the right drapes and designs for your space, then the whole look of your room will be completely ruined. Before making a choice, ensure that the curtains you buy provide adequate space and match the architecture and background of your room.

Following are the steps you can take to ensure that your room looks expensive and visually attractive with focal shade curtains.

Privacy and fabric

The prime consideration homeowners must take while deciding on their window treatments is the curtain fabric that will serve their room. You have to decide whether you want to go for blackout curtains for your bedroom or curtains with lightweight fabric that will help you to bring natural light and air into the room. You can narrow your choice of curtains based on privacy and fabric. Cotton and linen curtains have different opacity levels ranging from lightweight sheer curtains, which will feel breezy and bring more natural light and air into your room while providing mild privacy. Heavy fabric and opaque curtains will provide maximum privacy without letting any natural light enter. You can double your opaque curtains with blackout lining and velvet curtains to ensure darkness in your room.

Hanging style and hardware

Many curtains and drapes come in a variety of hardware and hanging designs. You can choose from curtain designs, rod pockets, tab tops, modern grommets, pleated styles, etcetera. Tab tops, grommets, and rot pockets are contemporary curtain designs that will help to save money and comes without any additional rings. You can choose a pleated curtain style if you want to opt for traditional custom designs in your room. Rings will help to add height to your draperies and display your hardware. You will also come across various hardware designs, from modern to industrial to traditional. If you want to add more flair to your windows, you can add accessories such as finials and tiebacks.

Length and width of your curtains

You have to consider the curtain width and height before making a choice. Hanging focal shades above the window frame is a natural choice, while you can also hang them below the ceiling to give the impression that your windows are tall. You can hang the curtain rod a few inches wider than your window, which will make your windows appear larger without blocking natural light. While hanging curtains in your window frame, consider where they will hit the floor. They must hang right where the floor starts, and you can also give a romantic look to your room by pooling them on the floor.

Curtain color and design pattern

Neutral solid draperies in velvet or linen are considered a classic and timeless choice. However, you can add different pattern colors to your curtain according to your needs and style by opting for custom curtains. Focal shade with floral pattern and soft tone will add romantic vibes and visual interest to your curtains. You can also opt for bold curtain designs to make your curtains the center of attraction in your room. Interior designs usually suggest going for curtains that match the background wall color. A heavy velvet curtain design will work well if you have dark rooms. Always remember to choose seamless and simpler curtain designs that can give an expensive look to your room.

What are the most trendy curtain designs for my living room?

If you want to add exotic and innovative designs to your living space, choose the style and color of your curtains wisely. Decorate your living space in different styles to match your home décor by opting for creative and new curtain designs that will never be outdated. If you want to change the look of your dull living space, you should opt for colorful striped curtain designs with a focal shade that will make your window frames more decorative. Cheerful and vibrant curtain designs will change the overall look of your living room. You can also provide the top appearance to your living room by choosing designer curtains that will help to add a unique and opulent look to your space. You can add matching cushion table cloth and white potted plants to your designer curtains to create an expensive and elegant look to the entire living space. These factors combined with vibrant focal shade will be a perfect combination.

If you want a contemporary look in your living room, pair contemporary curtain design styles with modern furniture. Patterned curtain designs and soft fabric of curtains will add more beauty to your room and will also allow sufficient natural light and ventilation to stream in. If you're looking for focal shade designs for a small living space, hang your curtains above the window and pair them up with minimalistic furniture to give a majestic look to your living room. This will also help to make your cluttered and cramped living room look larger.