Exterior Skylight


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Focal Exterior Skylight Systems are a versatile range of shading systems designed to cover flat, vaulted and triangular glass applications (401/402).  All skylight systems are motor operated with wired control and compatible with automation sensors.


Applications :

  • Flat, vaulted and triangular glazing


  • 400
    Rectangular system without guides for curved applications (max. fabric area upto 16m2).
  • 401
    Specialize in cover the application with corners and right-angled triangles (max. fabric area upto 9m2).
  • 402
    Unique trapezoidal or tapered system for specialist applications (both flat or curved).
    (max. fabric area upto 16m2)
  • 420
    Rectangular system with aluminum rail guides is designed for any exterior flatted glazing. (max. fabric area upto 16m2)
  • 440
    Rectangular system with slim wire guides and a weather-proof headbox for all applications.  (max. fabric area upto 16m2)
  • 512
    The system can cover fabric area upto 100m2 with a single mechanism.