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Houses require different style of curtain. You may outfit your windows and add elegance to your home with the help of our assortment of curtain ideas.

Curtain style guide: What is the popular curtain style that will help to increase your home aesthetics?

If you want to know the popular type of curtain designs that can help you enhance your interior home décor, then you need to go through the following guide. Choosing the right curtain style for your home or room can be initially challenging since several factors have to be considered, such as the type of curtain, how long you should hang your curtain, and the type of window treatment that will go best with your curtain, etc. While some curtains help block lights, some are just decorative accessories. You must first analyze your décor, and household needs to make the right choice with the curtain style.

The top 10 decorative and functional curtain styles for your room décor are:

1.Single Panel Style

There are curtain panels that are sold in the market individually. Single-panel curtains are designed to cover your windows entirely and can be pulled to one side when they are opened. You can choose a single-panel curtain style if you want a modern and chic look in your room decor.

2.Panel Pair Style

This curtain style is sold in the market in twos, allowing you to hang one curtain on both sides of your window. You can close these curtains by pulling the curtain panel in the middle. Using curtain tiebacks, you can open these curtains. Panel pair curtains are commonly used in most households and go well for any room that has space to hang curtains or draperies on both sides of window.

3.Pinch Pleat Style

If you want to incorporate a traditional curtain style in your room, then pleated curtains will be the right choice since this type is typically made using heavier and thicker fabrics. One of the most common types of pleated curtains is tailored pleat or pinch pleat where the pleats are pinched and stitched at the top, allowing the fabric folds to flow and create a formal and elegant look. Usually, you can include this curtain style in sitting rooms, master bedrooms, entertaining rooms, or living areas.

4.Box Pleat Style

The folds of box pleat curtains run uninterrupted and deep across the fabric's length, giving a tailored appearance and full coverage. This curtain style goes well for bedrooms, lounges, and dining rooms.

5.Goblet Pleat Style

If you are looking for a curtain style for decorative purposes and not for regular use, then you can go for goblet pleat curtains as the curtain pleats are quite delicate, so they can be used only for decorating or framing the window and not for regular use. If you have large, formal rooms in your house and high ceilings, goblet pleat curtains will look great. They have derived this name as they have a strong resemblance to wine or goblet glass.

6.Pencil Pleat style

If you do not want to opt for a formal look in your living room or bedroom, then you can choose the pencil lead curtain style, which has single pleats and thin pleats so they can work well with different curtain rods or hooks. This curtain style is casual and informal compared to box split or goblet pleat curtains.

7.Grommet Curtains

You can opt for modern and contemporary curtain styles and go for eyelet or grommet curtains. Grommets or open rings support the curtain panels; therefore, you can easily close or open your curtains without much hassle. These curtains are other versatile choices for the living room, bedroom, or in other rooms where curtains have to be opened or closed regularly.

8.Rod Pocket Style

Rod pocket curtains are also called pole pocket curtains since they are constructed with sheer fabrics or lightweight material. Pull-pocket curtains will be the right choice if you want a casual curtain style for your room décor. It is easy to assemble these curtains, and as they include pockets in the curtain fabric, they can easily slip through the curtain rod. This curtain style is ideal for a tighter fit and thinner curtain rod, so you can use them in rooms where you need not open or close curtains very frequently.

9.Blackout Curtains

You can install this curtain style in your room if you want to have a sound sleep at night. They are constructed with heavy materials which block light and provide adequate privacy; you can include them in the restroom, home theaters, and bedroom.

10.Energy saving Curtains

Thermal curtains or insulated curtains are referred to as energy-efficient or energy-saving curtains. They are heavy and thick curtains designed to provide extra insulation to your room. They will help regulate your room's temperature and make you comfortable. If you live in a very warm or cold climate, this one would be the right choice for you, and you can use it in both summer and winter.

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Houses require different style of curtain. You may outfit your windows and add elegance to your home with the help of our assortment of curtain ideas.

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