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Focal Venetian Blinds are designed for any interior window applications. The different sizes of strong head rail systems are available, it fits not only the small windows but also a single big window with curtain up to the 20m2. The Venetian Blinds have single or dual control system which provides tilt and up/down functions and it can be operated by motor or manually. Focal Venetian Blinds can fit with guide wires for slope or large windows to ensure the smooth and stable operation.

Different size of slats are available:

Aluminum Slats : 16mm/25mm/35mm/50mm/70mm

Wooden Slats : 25mm/35mm/50mm



  • Offices, Hotels, Restaurants and Retail Shops
  • Luxury Residential, Serviced Apartments and Club Houses
  • Schools and Government Buildings



  • Durable Head Rail
    The stainless steel head rail with turned-in edges design can secure the fixing strongly and enhances the durability of the venetian blinds system
  • Slat Options:
    Aluminum Slat (Plain/Perforated) : 16mm/25mm/35mm/50mm/70mm in different colors
    Wooden Slat: 25mm/35mm/50mm
  • Control Options
    Manual or Motorized venetian blinds system are available. For manual control, there are four types of choices dual control by cord/wand, mono control chain, crank, special tilting button control between glazing venetian blinds are available.
  • Motorized Control
    DC and AC powered motors in wired control system and radio transmission control system are available. Silent motor is recommended for the large venetian blinds systems (applicable for HL/ML system only).
  • Optional Accessories
    Guide wires are suggested for the slope and large window applications to ensure the smooth and stable operations.

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The Venetian blinds are designed for any interior window applications. They have single or dual control system and can be operated by motor or manually.

An overview of wooden blind and wooden shutter windows as an ideal window treatment for your house

Shutter window adds a touch of personal style and elegance to your home décor. You will find several contemporary and classical window shutter styles on the market. A wooden window shutter is a traditional and modern style that is becoming increasingly popular in the present day. Many homeowners are installing wooden window shutters to increase the value and appeal of their properties.

Apart from wooden window shutters, you will also come across diverse varieties of blinds that are also becoming popular among interior designers and homeowners. Some common materials used in making blinds are fabric, wood, plastic, and faux wood. A wooden blind is a good option that helps to cover your windows and filter sunlight. If you want to give a sophisticated look and ensure privacy and thermal insulation in mind, then you can go for wooden blinds.

Reasons why you should go for Venetian blinds instead of standard curtains

When it comes to increasing your house's curb appeal and making it more decorative, people focus more on their walls and furniture; however, they should know that the window treatments are an integral part of their interior home design. One of the simplest and easiest ways to increase your house's curb appeal is to include blinds as your window treatment. Although curtains are an excellent option for window coverings, they are a bit expensive and out of fashion in the present day. Curtains are thick and available in diverse patterns, which becomes boring. If you want to give a contemporary look to your window blinds, you can acquire blinds.

Blinds are easy to set up for your windows, providing you with the necessary privacy and light-filtering features. Several types of blinds are available in the market, and the most inexpensive one is plastic blinds. Although they are available at cheaper rates, they can break effortlessly and may not last long term. Instead of choosing inexpensive plastic window blinds, you can choose fashionable and hard-wearing Venetian blinds, which are expensive and last for several years. Venetian blinds are wooden blinds in various wood colors and designs. Wooden Venetian blinds is a fashionable and timeless choice that requires low maintenance

Are wooden blinds the right choice for my home décor?

Wooden blinds are a classical and fashionable style that is becoming increasingly popular in the present day. There is plenty of furniture style, décor design, and fashion that goes in and out of style; however, something which is always classy and timeless fashion is a set of wooden blinds designed to match any room décor. If you always want to stay in style and make your home decoration look unique, you can opt for wooden blinds. Unless these blinds are exposed to wet or humid environments and sunlight, they will last long.

Will a set of wooden blinds help to suit all your home decor needs?

There is no doubt that wooden window blind is a classy and beautiful option, so they will go perfectly well with your present home décor. While investing in a pair of wooden blinds, you need to consider the environment where you live. If you dwell in a humid and wet place, your wooden blinds may not last long since this type of weather and environment ruins them and affects their longevity. If your environment and room décor are appropriate for wooden blinds, then the next question to consider is what type of wooden Venetian blind you should get for yourself. There are diverse and large varieties of window blinds available in the market, such as wooden plantation shutters, wooden Venetian blinds, wooden Vertical Blinds, Roman bamboo blinds, wooden roller blinds, and mini wooden blinds.

How can you style your room decor with wooden blinds?

It rests entirely up to your personal preference and taste about the type and style of wooden blind that you want to include in your room décor. One important point that you must be careful about is that in case you have wooden furniture in your home, then you must ensure that the color of the wooden blind must match the existing background and the furniture present in your room. Wooden blinds of a particular color will not look nice, with wooden furniture having different shades. You can paint your window blind; however, the natural darker brown or light brown color of the wood looks classier than any paint color.

Can you use window shutters as window coverings?

Shutter window has been in the market for centuries as it provides several benefits like protection against heat and weather, enhanced security, privacy, and light control feature. Modern-day shutter windows come with flexible designs, and you can choose a variety of textures and colors to match the window shutter according to your home décor. The answer is yes if you are confused about using window shutters as window coverings. You can use them to add a strong visual appeal to your home as they are cost-effective and highly functional.

What are the prime benefits of using wooden shutter windows?

Shutter windows help to block out heat and glare from the sun, keeping your home cool during the hot summer months. By installing shutter windows, you can keep out 90% of sunlight in summer and combine them with shading devices like overhangs and louvers. You need to use less cooling equipment as shutter windows help to regulate heat, and provide privacy at the same time. Window shutters are also beneficial in winter as they help to lower heat loss by reducing the entry of cold air through your windows.

Is it worth having a wooden blind for your room décor?

Interior designers use wooden blinds to design interior home design for people since it brings a comfortable and warm atmosphere into your room. Another main reason behind the popularity and growing demand for wooden blinds is their high durability. If you want your window blinds to last longer, you can switch to wooden blinds. Like any other type of Venetian blind, wooden blinds are also available in vertical and horizontal designs that make them versatile. The most appealing factor of wooden blinds is that they can be custom-made to fit your windows.

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Which rooms are fit for Roman blinds?

Before buying Roman blinds, you need to know how you can use them and which rooms or areas look the best with them. These blinds are versatile window treatments that can be used in any room you want. They are designed with different fabrics to serve different rooms depending on the window location and the amount of light the room receives. You can frame your windows in a better position using Roman shades compared to other Venetian blinds, curtains, vertical and roller blinds.

Good insulation

Wall curtains and shutters are designed by connecting several panels together, allowing them to fold back easily, and you can adjust the blinds to let light or air enter your room. Today, homeowners are also increasingly using wooden shutters since they provide good insulation against heat and noise; therefore, people living in a noisy environment or those who want to block light and provide insulation to their room can choose wooden shutters as their window treatment. Whether you have an old style or Victorian design for your home interior doesn t matter. Wooden shutters will fit your home perfectly well.


An important concern for business owners and homeowners is security; therefore, it is important to ensure that the roller blinds you are buying provide you with adequate security. Storage facilities, factories, street shops, and warehouses get extra security from roller blinds. Roller shutters are increasingly popular in the present day as they provide security to your premises against vandals and opportunist thieves.