Roller Blinds – RM Series

Medium Duty Roller Blinds

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It is designed for small and medium duty applications. Roller Blinds are reliable, functional and aesthetically pleasing, while effectively eliminate glare, reduce heat and control daylight levels.

A broad selection of fabrics with various opacity levels ensures your roller blinds to filter in the right amount of light, from sheers, dim-out to blackout.


  • Offices, Hotels, Restaurants and Retail Shops.
  • Luxury Residential, Serviced Apartments and Club Houses
  • Schools, Hospitals and Government Buildings



  • Quiet Operation
    Special silent motors with low dBA operation sounds.
  • Aluminum Tubes, Bottom Rails and Durable Parts
    All aluminum roller tubes and bottom rails are made from high quality first graded aluminum offering durability. All plastic components are made from UV pre-treated material to maximize the product durability.
  • Wide Range of Control Options
    Chain, Cord, Spring, Crank and Motor are available.
  • Flexible Coupling
    Blinds can be coupled with one or several further units. Maximum of 3 units can be coupled on 1 operation system.

Medium Duty Roller Blind – RM Series|Focal Pacific

Roller blinds are reliable, functional and aesthetically pleasing, while effectively eliminate glare, reduce heat and control daylight levels.

How to choose the perfect roller blind for your home that will help you to make a worthwhile investment decision?

There are several factors that you have to put into consideration while buying roller blinds for your interior home décor. Roller blinds are window treatments that provide unique benefits and features like privacy, convenience, and light control. They are available in a wide spectrum of colors and designs so that you can improve your home's curb appeal according to your taste and preference.

What are the benefits of choosing roller blinds as your window treatment?

Roller Blinds are a popular choice for homeowners looking for window treatment options since they block out sunlight and filter the light. You can eliminate sun glare on your TV and computer screens as well. If you want to block out light that tries to penetrate your window and damage your furnishing and furniture, then roller blinds will be an amazing choice. They also add adequate privacy to your room so that others do not peer through the blinds and interrupt your privacy. You can install roller blinds in any area of your room. They come in different mechanisms, such as chain or spring operation. The chain-operated roller blinds system enables you to operate the roller blinds using your hands, while the spring operation comprises mechanical operation. Both these systems have pros and cons, such as the spring system will close the blinds swiftly and cover the entire window, and the chain-operated system will enable you to control how far you want your curtains to be closed.

What type of roller blind will be suitable for my space?

Roller blinds come in various designs and styles, such as envelope design, castellated design, elated design, etc. They are manufactured in diverse shapes and sizes to fit your living room, bathroom, or office spaces. A combination of roller blinds enables you to filter daylight in the daytime and block out light entirely at night. You must consider the color option of roller blinds that will suit your home décor perfectly well. Some roller blinds will help to block out sunlight completely, while some will help to block out solar heat. White color roller blinds will enable light to penetrate your room and give natural lighting. A lighter shade roller blind will bring natural heat to your home windows. Many roller blind manufacturers can stitch custom designs, styles, and patterns into the blinds to make them unique. It rests up to you whether you want to go for a unique custom roller blind system or ready-made roller blinds that are available in any drapery store.

Top factors that you must consider while selecting Roller Blinds

Different aspects and important factors must be considered while selecting roller blinds for your home since they come in different styles and forms.


An important concern for business owners and homeowners is security; therefore, it is important to ensure that the roller blinds you are buying provide you with adequate security. Storage facilities, factories, street shops, and warehouses get extra security from roller blinds. Roller shutters are increasingly popular in the present day as they provide security to your premises against vandals and opportunist thieves.


An important factor you must consider while buying roller blinds for yourself is the cost. Always invest in durable roller blinds made of premium and sustainable material to be long-lasting. You should not settle for a cheap option. Choose roller blinds that are versatile as well as budget-friendly. Always buy roller blinds from a reputable brand; they can ensure you about the quality of the blind.


Roller blinds are an important part of your room's aesthetics that can enhance the curb appeal and overall look of your premises. You can add perforated roller shutters, which are aesthetically pleasing and also provide visibility and security features.

4.Individual Needs

As roller blinds come in different forms and styles, you have to figure out your individual needs and while buying roller blinds, keep the requirements of your home or office premises in mind. You should consider important questions before buying roller blinds to ensure they fit your needs perfectly. Some important questions are whether the roller blinds you buy provide weather protection, fire resistance, and heat insulation benefits. Always hire a professional and highly reputable curtain manufacturer who can ensure you of high-standard blinds. You can check client reviews and feedback that will help you to know about the reputation of the manufacturer.

5.Reduce Noise

Roller-blind help to minimize noise levels and make your business operation highly effective and efficient. Many homeowners are installing roller shutters since they are compact, quiet, and versatile. If you are looking for a blind that can help reduce noise pollution and help you perform your work conveniently, then you can invest in roller blinds and roller shutters.

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Medium Duty Roller Blind – RM Series|Focal Pacific

Roller blinds are reliable, functional and aesthetically pleasing, while effectively eliminate glare, reduce heat and control daylight levels.

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Which rooms are fit for Roman blinds?

Before buying Roman blinds, you need to know how you can use them and which rooms or areas look the best with them. These blinds are versatile window treatments that can be used in any room you want. They are designed with different fabrics to serve different rooms depending on the window location and the amount of light the room receives. You can frame your windows in a better position using Roman shades compared to other Venetian blinds, curtains, vertical and roller blinds.