Roller Blinds – RM Series

Medium Duty Roller Blinds

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It is designed for small and medium duty applications. Roller Blinds are reliable, functional and aesthetically pleasing, while effectively eliminate glare, reduce heat and control daylight levels.

A broad selection of fabrics with various opacity levels ensures your roller blinds to filter in the right amount of light, from sheers, dim-out to blackout.


  • Offices, Hotels, Restaurants and Retail Shops.
  • Luxury Residential, Serviced Apartments and Club Houses
  • Schools, Hospitals and Government Buildings



  • Quiet Operation
    Special silent motors with low dBA operation sounds.
  • Aluminum Tubes, Bottom Rails and Durable Parts
    All aluminum roller tubes and bottom rails are made from high quality first graded aluminum offering durability. All plastic components are made from UV pre-treated material to maximize the product durability.
  • Wide Range of Control Options
    Chain, Cord, Spring, Crank and Motor are available.
  • Flexible Coupling
    Blinds can be coupled with one or several further units. Maximum of 3 units can be coupled on 1 operation system.

Medium Duty Roller Blind – RM Series|Focal Pacific

Roller blinds are reliable, functional and aesthetically pleasing, while effectively eliminate glare, reduce heat and control daylight levels.

Window roller blinds and shades: user-friendly and modern window treatment in the present day

Roller blinds and shades are simple window coverings that have been used for centuries. They come with stats attached at the bottom of the blind, so they can easily go down or rise as per your need. Earlier roller blind models were not so convenient and useful to install. However, with the latest and modern roller blinds, window treatment options have become more user-friendly and better. In the olden days, much effort was required to perform tedious tasks of opening and closing windows. It is no longer required with the modern ones as you can automate the process of opening and closing the blinds conveniently using motorized roller blinds.

Effectiveness of window roller blinds

Effective window roller blind options are the blackout blind models that come with a lining and ensure complete darkness. You will also get cheap blackout roller blinds in the market, creating much fashion and demand. Roller blinds are necessary for areas where sunlight has to be blocked from entering the premises. Businesses and companies are also increasing their demand for roller blinds since most focus on art presentations and media that require a completely dark room to perform presentations with videos and images. Even PowerPoint presentations become distracted due to glaring sunlight, so using roller blinds in such areas will perform its job effectively.

Lightweight and easy transportation

Window treatment companies provide different window roller shades as a cheap alternative. They have risen in popularity because of their usefulness, efficiency, and versatility. Many window roller blinds and shade models are easier to use and install as they are lightweight so they can be easily removed for cleaning and maintenance purposes. You can also conveniently pack as well as transfer them anywhere you want.

Know the difference between roller blind and roller shade before making a purchase

Do you need roller blinds for your windows, or are roller shades better for window coverings? Knowing the difference between roller blinds and roller shades is important so you can choose depending on your requirements and interior home design. When it comes to window coverings and treatments, most homeowners confuse roller shades and roller blinds.

Roller blinds versus roller shades

People often use blinds and shades interchangeably since they are window treatments; however, shades and blinds are different types of window coverings. Structured window coverings are blinds with steps so they can be tilted open or closed, whereas shades are single solid window covers made with soft textiles. You may find roller blinds in vertical and horizontal shapes and typically made of bamboo, wood, aluminum, vinyl, woven wood, faux wood, etc. Trendy shades styles include Roman shades, cellular shades, roller shades, etc. Shades and blinds have the same function, covering your window and providing light control, privacy, decoration, etc. You can choose between the two depending on your lifestyle and specific preferences.

Should I choose Roman blinds or shades as a window covering for my space?

If you need a window covering that requires occasional cleaning and dusting, you can go for roller blinds. In contrast, roller shades can be cleaned with the help of a vacuum brush and may accumulate excessive dirt and stains, which will require professional help. Roller blinds are more budget-friendly unless you go for custom blinds. For a cheap window covering option, you can go for roller blinds, as Roman shades are a bit expensive. If your main concern is insulation, you can go for roller shades since blinds allow airflow compared to shades, making them poor heat insulators. Shades are energy-efficient window treatments compared to roller blinds.

Roller blinds are aesthetically attractive in each pattern and style.

Roller-blind is a window treatment that is visually appealing and grabs the attention of your visitors and guests. They offer clean lines, which helps to elevate your windows and adds a modern look to your home décor. They are also available in varying fabrics and colors for you to choose from. Unlike other window treatments, such as curtains that accumulate dust and require cleaning, roller blinds require less maintenance as they require a wet cloth to remove the dirt and dust particles. If you want to enhance the look and beauty of your room space, then you should get yourself a well-designed and high-quality blind that will provide you privacy as well as long-lasting elegance. If you are buying roller blinds for your home, make sure that they come with strong fabrics and tubes so that the elegance does not die out prematurely. When your guests arrive at your home, they don't go much gaga over the furniture or floor of your room, but on the statues and indoor waterfalls. Roller blind is not just a home décor accessory but is a centerpiece of attraction that has an aesthetic sense and grabs the attraction of your visitors.

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Medium Duty Roller Blind – RM Series|Focal Pacific

Roller blinds are reliable, functional and aesthetically pleasing, while effectively eliminate glare, reduce heat and control daylight levels.

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The motorized roller blind system is designed for any applications with large glazing. User can open or close the blinds with perfect positioning and alignment.

Low maintenance

Window blinds like roller blinds, curtains, and Venetian blinds attract a lot of dust and allergies. Regular cleaning of these fabrics may be a challenging task. Window shutters are a good choice for people who suffer from allergies as they can be easily cleaned without any hassle. Shuttered windows require less maintenance, and all the dust and dirt can be wiped down using a damp cloth. Wooden blinds help to give you a fresh look in your space without requiring much maintenance.