Exterior Roller Blinds

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Focal Exterior Roller Blinds System is durable and it is designed for any indoor and outdoor applications and the system can hold up the fabrics up to 15kg.

Wide range of flame retardant fabrics is available, from simply plain polyesters to high performance glass fiber fabrics such as water/oil repellent coated and antibacterial fabric.

Applications :

  • Hotels, Restaurants and Retail Shops
  • Luxury Residential, Serviced Apartments and Club Houses
  • Schools and Government Buildings



  • Side Guide
    It helps to keep the curtain on track and in the best performance under the wind speed of 49km/h.
  • Crank System
    Equipped with inside end-stop that allows different adjustment for the blinds (upward, downward and stop).
  • Easy Maintenance
    All exterior rollers blinds are fitted with an easily removable cover which enhances the ease of maintenance.
  • Motor Options
    Standard Wired System Motor and Radio Transmission System Motor are available.
  • Control Options
    Crank and motorized operations are available.
  • Color Options
    Wide range of colors are available : for Aluminum (White, Black, Silver and Bronze) and its components (Grey, White, Black and Brown).
  • Zip Side Guide
    It is designed for blocking the light emitted from the sides and gaps even under the strong wind.