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Focal Shade Manual Curtain Tracks are suitable for small and medium sized windows of interior curtain. We offer both high quality and well functioned curtain track systems with different sizes and shapes. Operation can be hand drawn and cord drawn, central or lateral opening. The track can be bended to 90° or wide radius curvatures. It fits easily into difference environments such as bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and hotel guestrooms.


A wide range of flame retardant fabrics is available, from simply plain polyesters to high performance glass fiber fabrics such as water/oil repellent coated and soundproofing fabric.

Applications :

  • Offices, Hotels, Restaurants and Retail Shops
  • Luxury Residential, Serviced Apartments and Club Houses
  • Schools, Hospitals, Elderly Homes and Government Buildings



  • Unique Design Track
    Flat and round shaped curtain track are made by aluminum and anti-corrosion parts. Bend options are available (except RSG) with minimum bending radius.
  • Operation Options
    The curtain track system can be operated by cord, hand drawn or wand for different window applications.
  • Patented Runner Design
    It ensures the system to run smoothly even with heavy curtain fabric (up to 3kg per runner).
  • Suspension Rod
    It provides the maximum flexibility of curtain track level. It is recommended for hospitals, beauty salons, changing rooms and retail shops to create the private area.
  • Load Release System
    It provides precautions to hospital and elderly home users. The system will be released for sudden peak load of 35kg, subject to installation method.



Blind and Wall Curtain with Manual Track|Focal Pacific

Focal Pacific offers both high quality blind curtain and wall curtain with different sizes and shapes. A wide range of flame retardant fabrics is available.

Are wall curtains a thing of the past and blind curtains the future? Which window treatment will work for your space?

Window treatment is essential to control privacy, light, and indoor temperature and helps complement your home décor. There are various options for homeowners to choose from; however, the two popular options for window treatments are blinds, which come with movable stats, and drapes or curtains designed with fabric panels. But do you know which one is a smart option today?

Today homeowners are buying fewer curtains and stressing about blinds the more. Wall curtain have been used for several decades to offer heat retention and privacy in the house and for dressing the windows. But with time, they are being replaced by blinds and curtains are going out of fashion. Blinds are replacing curtains in terms of fashion and aesthetic appeal. Window blinds come in diverse designs, colors, and varieties like plastic, metal, wood, etc.

Good insulation

Wall curtains and shutters are designed by connecting several panels together, allowing them to fold back easily, and you can adjust the blinds to let light or air enter your room. Today, homeowners are also increasingly using wooden shutters since they provide good insulation against heat and noise; therefore, people living in a noisy environment or those who want to block light and provide insulation to their room can choose wooden shutters as their window treatment. Whether you have an old style or Victorian design for your home interior doesn't matter. Wooden shutters will fit your home perfectly well.

Works well with any window design

Fitted blind curtains are increasingly popular since they can work with any window design. Tilt and turn is a special type of window which can open on a tilt and even open completely on a hinge. However, with curtains, you cannot open the window and retain privacy, unlike fitted blinds, which can be drawn on either opened window or a tilted window.

Do not require any dry cleaning

The best thing about blind curtains is that they can be easily fitted to conservatories, doors, roofs, glazed surfaces, etc. They do not require much maintenance or dry cleaning, unlike curtains, which accumulate dust and dirt and can even lead to allergies. Blinds can be maneuvered easily when cleaning the windows and provide a better cleaning option than curtains.

More privacy

You can open the blinds slightly to let light or air enter while retaining privacy in your room. Blind curtain is very useful for homes that receive strong sunlight, and homeowners install blinds to prevent glare while allowing light to enter the room.

Blinds are more economical than curtains.

Blinds generally need less material, and the time required to manufacture and install blinds is also less than curtains. A professional can put the bracket in your window frame, mount the blinds, and attach the system, which moves the stats in less than 10 to 20 minutes, with the total cost of each window ranging between $ 43 to $ 94. There are diverse blinds available in the market, and plastic blinds are available at low material costs. In contrast, high-quality vinyl and wooden blind curtains are available at a high cost.

Conversely, Curtains have a price range between $52 to $250 for each window. It takes more materials and more time to manufacture and install curtains. A professional can install the level brackets above your window, slide panels onto the curtain rod; secure and hang the rod on the bracket, and style the curtains in a good arrangement in an hour or more. This is the reason why homeowners choose blinds over curtains. However, if you want to stick to wall curtains, you can choose cotton curtains over silk or linen curtains to reduce your cost.

Combination of curtains and blinds

If you want to gain the benefits of curtains and choose to style blinds together, you can install both in your space. You can install curtains in areas with low moisture and where mold is not a big issue, such as in bedrooms and living rooms, to maximize insulation, soundproofing, and design options. On the other hand, you can install blinds in high moisture areas like bathrooms and kitchens where mold growth is a big issue. Blinds provide an easy-to-clean and durable window treatment option with a high light control feature. You can create an intimate setting and gain the benefits of wall and blind curtains by pairing these two window treatments.


Wall Curtains are a standard window covering option for some people. They provide a close and comfortable look that complements a specific living space style. Blinds and curtains can provide a perfect balance for people who want to spend less on window treatments. Curtains are still used today and offer great service; however, modern blinds and shutter designs that are available in the market are increasingly used by many who are replacing the use of curtains. If you are confused between wall curtains and blinds, you must decide what is right for you.

Keep your budget, décor, insulation, light control, and privacy needs in mind before choosing between the two.

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Blind and Wall Curtain with Manual Track|Focal Pacific

Focal Pacific offers both high quality blind curtain and wall curtain with different sizes and shapes. A wide range of flame retardant fabrics is available.