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Focal Motorized Curtain Track is designed for any interior windows with curtain and drapery. We offer high quality track systems with different sizes, lengths and shapes. The track is bendable (90° or wider radius curvatures) and the operation can be either in central opening or lateral opening. It fits into different applications such as bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms and hotel guestrooms.

A wide range of flame retardant fabrics are available, from simply plain polyesters to high performance glass fiber fabrics such as water/oil repellent coated and soundproofing fabric.


– Offices, Hotels, Restaurants and Retail Shops

– Luxury Residential, Serviced Apartments and Club Houses

– Schools, Hospitals and Government Buildings



  • Heavy Duty System
    The motor and components are made in Germany/Italy. The curtain track system is durable, the track’s length is up to 30m and can hold the curtain’s weight up to 250kg.
  • Auto Electronic Limit
    The built-in electronic/mechanical limit is programmable (open, close and stop) via DC dry contact (applicable to M5060C S35H, G6300 and G6200 – G6200T only).
  • Manual Operation
    The curtain track system can still be operated manually, even when the emergency or power failure is occurred (applicable to M5060C S35H only).
  • Industrial Standard Drive Belt
    The unique design of the toothed drive belts ensure the system run smoothly even with the heavy weighted fabrics.
  • Silent Rotor Technology
    It reduces the sound while the motor is rotating and keeps the operation smooth and silent (application to M5060C S35/35H, 6300, G6200 – G6200T).
  • Curtain Finishing
    A wide range of sewing finishing is available such as S-Fold, Pinch Pleat, Box Pleat, Pencil Pleat and Creative Pleat.

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The motorized curtain track is made for any interior windows with electric curtains and drapery, fitting into different applications like bedrooms, living rooms.

Electric curtains for your home and office premises? Yes, and here's why they are a good choice.

Electric curtains or blinds provide a personal and final touch to your smart home. Homeowners looking for a fashionable choice opt for electric curtains instead of traditional old ones. They are a cool gadget that is made for smart homes. The prime reason electric curtains are a good choice for your home and office premises is that they provide convenience when it comes to operating the curtains. With electric or motorized curtains, you need not worry about the cords, the curtain or blind falling off, hooks falling apart, the inability to reach up to the tall windows on your own, etc. You can operate the curtains with just a push of your button or with the help of your smartphone, which is integrated with the smart curtain system. The following are reasons why they are a good choice for homeowners who want a different look to their room space.

Electric curtains are a part of smart home solutions.

ou can enjoy plenty of benefits if you connect your electric curtain or motorized blinds to your room automation system. The prime benefit comes from the danger and clutter of cords, which have been replaced with a remote control or voice command system for opening or shutting the blinds. This is especially convenient for seniors who can manage the opening and shutting of windows without any hassle.

Greening Your Room

Motorized blinds or electric curtain help in effectively ensuring home energy management. You can easily coordinate the curtains along with the position of the light that enters your room, and this helps in low energy consumption and low energy bills. You can significantly save money spent on cooling or heating equipment.

Electric curtains help to ensure privacy as well as security of your house.

A good electric curtain will add great value to the security system of your house. It works on a timer system; therefore, the position of the curtains can be controlled and altered anytime throughout the day so that outsiders feel you are present at your home. This keeps burglars and criminals away from your house. If you are away from your house for a long time, then motorized blinds can benefit you the most by giving you the impression that someone is at home. Even though it will not guarantee that your property is completely safe, it will add a specific value to the entire security system of your property.

Electric curtains help to protect your office and room furniture.

Motorized blinds can be installed both at home and office premises. They help protect your room's art, photos, and furniture and prevent them from being completely damaged or ruined due to harsh sunlight and UV rays. These curtains can be changed on your schedule to change their position based on the sunlight that is being received in your room. Electric curtains or blinds help transform your room and create a wow factor in your smart home that reduces energy consumption, helps lower energy bills and helps you save money. Opening and shutting of curtains can be done with a simple voice command.

Room insulation

Smart electric curtains help to manage heat loss and gain in your room and enables you to open and shut the blinds and curtains at a pre-programed time. It is a great smart home technology that decreases the energy consumption of the HVAC system in your room. If you want to remodel your home and make it smarter, the priority should be energy efficiency. Smart lighting paired with elegant curtains will leave a great impact on the aesthetics of your room. With the help of motorized or electric curtains, you can add good insulation to your windows. Motorized drapes can also add an insulating layer to your windows.

Electric curtains provide easy installation options.

Electric curtaining was once a very expensive process that required professional installation. But now these systems have become DIY-friendly, and you need to integrate the system into an existing curtain which takes only a few seconds. It is important to check the specifications before purchasing motorized blinds and ensure that motorized curtain systems are compatible with your existing curtains. A motorized automated system helps you enjoy the app functionality, so you will also get a smart assistant who will help you control the curtains' operation. You can easily draw the curtains in the daytime without leaving your bed since you can control them using your voice command.

Beneficial for large windows and tall ceiling

The electric curtain will be worth it if you have large windows and high ceilings, which makes it difficult for you to reach. If your motorized automation system comes with IFTTT compatibility, then you can take your curtains further and manage the rise or fall in your room temperature. You can control your curtain remotely, and when the weather becomes extremely cold or hot, you can also regulate the temperature of your room by either blocking the sunlight completely or protecting it from drafts.

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The right electric curtain can bring amazing benefits to your home by filtering sunlight, controlling airflow and providing privacy. You should consider the above qualities in your motorized or electric curtain to select the window covering that matches your preference and style. The home automation products like motorized curtains has become increasingly important. They work amazingly and last for a long time. Quality electric blinds come with smart features such as a touch motion function, the ability to remember your favorite blind position, integration with a timer to change automatically the position of sunlight, etc.