Roller Blinds – M Series

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The M series is a Motorized Roller Blinds System which is designed for the heavy-duty applications for maximum weight up to 60kg and the max. surface size up to 50m². It is suitable for any applications with large glazing. With just one click the user can open or close the blinds with perfect positioning and alignment.

M Series can be controlled by a wall switch, a remote control and is compatible with solar senor, timer switch and rain sensor.

A broad selection of fabrics with various opacity levels ensures your roller blinds to filter in the right amount of light, from sheers, dim out to blackout.


  • Office buildings, Hotels, Restaurants and Retail Shops
  • Luxury Residential, Serviced Apartments and Club Houses
  • Schools, Hospitals and Government Buildings


Features :

  • Wide Range of Tube Options
    Motorized Roller Blinds System incorporating ⌀40mm to ⌀128mm aluminum tubing are designed for different applications.
  • Wide Range of Motor Options
    Standard wired motor, built-in radio transmission wireless motor and silent motor are available.
  • Automatic Control
    Adding a solar sensor and a timer to blinds system enables you to do the different settings to adjust the sunlight of the interior area. It helps to prevent furniture and flooring from color fading.
  • Color Options
    White and aluminum wall mount switch and remote control are available. Special color is on requested only.

Motorized Roller Blind – M Series|Focal Pacific

The motorized roller blind system is designed for any applications with large glazing. User can open or close the blinds with perfect positioning and alignment.

What are electric or motorized blinds, and how do they function? Read this guide before you buy motorized blinds.

Home automation is one of the trendiest and hottest innovations in the current market, which has significantly transformed the interior design sector. Technological advancements have brought smart home equipment and devices, transforming our lives and making them easier. Today there is hardly any device that cannot be controlled or managed remotely. Window treatments and coverings are no longer an exception for smart home devices. Selecting the right option when buying motorized roller blinds can be initially challenging. Before buying motorized blinds for your interior home design, you need to know vast details about the style, functionality, and benefits of motorized blinds so that you can make an informed decision.

What are electric or motorized blinds?

A motorized roller blind, known as an electric blind, is a shade or blind which can be operated using an electric motor and is generally controlled using a remote or app. In other words, the lift functionality and the tilt function of the blind or shutter are motorized. Motorized blinds have fewer cords dangling from the motorized blind or shade, making them a safe and effective choice for houses with pets and kids.

How do motorized or electric blinds work?

Motorized shades and blinds are powered using AA batteries or lithium battery packs; however, they sometimes come with a rechargeable motor that has to be connected to an outlet using a USB cord. The life span of the battery pack or single charge on a rechargeable motor depends on how big your blind or shade is and how often you use it. Typically a single charge lasts for six months to even a year, depending on the type of motorized blinds you are buying. Many motorized shades and blinds are compatible to be used using an app that you can download on your tablet or phone with the help of your smart device to operate the blinds' function. The compatibility of smart devices for motorized roller blinds depends on one brand to another.

How long do motorized blinds last?

Motorized window treatments such as blinds and shades are reliable and similar to any standard window coverings or treatment; however, before buying motorized blinds, you need to keep in mind that these shades are blinds are operated using a battery that requires periodic charging and their reliability and longevity depends on their usage. Standard window treatments come with an average lifespan of three to ten years. The longevity of motorized roller blinds depends on how often you use them. If you want to increase the longevity of your motorized blinds, then make sure that you are buying these electric blinds from a reputable brand that gives you a warranty on their products.

Are motorized blinds worth it?

Tech gadget products come with motorization features. It is a worthwhile investment decision to buy motorized blinds if you want to enjoy the efficiency and comfort of these blinds in your home. These motorized blinds are specially designed for tall and high windows, which makes it difficult for people to reach them conveniently. Rooms with lots of windows that must be regularly opened and cleaned can benefit the most from motorized blinds. You can program these shades and blinds easily using a remote or an application on your smartphone.

Living rooms having arc tops and tall windows will look great with motorized blinds. The decibel range for electric or motorized blinds may vary depending on the product type, window treatment, and brand. Motorized roller blinds or shades are specially designed to keep the volume of noise in mind, so they are generally quiet and produce a welding or soft humming sound. Unlike other window treatments, motorized blinds are also not so difficult to install. Installation specifications may vary depending on the kind of shade or blind you buy from a particular brand. Traditional window coverings like ordinary blinds or shades, require a few seconds to install. Motorized blind has to be pre-programed along with an included remote control, but with professional help, installation of these blinds can be a super easy task and will take only a few minutes.

Will motorized blinds look good for my room décor?

There is hardly any notable difference between traditional blinds and motorized roller blinds. The prime difference between the two types of blinds is that one is cordless while another one is not. Traditional blinds are bulky and require regular maintenance. However, in the case of motorized blinds, there are no bulky or unsightly parts that have to be installed. Motorized and automated blinds are available in a variety of transparency levels and styles. You can also get customized motorized blinds to suit your personal needs and styles. However, they will look as good as traditional blinds with more efficiency and convenience. You will get both expensive and reasonable motorized options for blinds and shades that will fit your budget and style. These blinds are the future of smart devices and home automation. You can open and close these blinds without any manual operation. While some blinds operate using the push of a button, some work on a timer. They comprise unique sensors which help increase the room's energy efficiency.

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The right electric curtain can bring amazing benefits to your home by filtering sunlight, controlling airflow and providing privacy. You should consider the above qualities in your motorized or electric curtain to select the window covering that matches your preference and style. The home automation products like motorized curtains has become increasingly important. They work amazingly and last for a long time. Quality electric blinds come with smart features such as a touch motion function, the ability to remember your favorite blind position, integration with a timer to change automatically the position of sunlight, etc.

Window roller blinds and shades: user-friendly and modern window treatment in the present day

Roller blinds and shades are simple window coverings that have been used for centuries. They come with stats attached at the bottom of the blind, so they can easily go down or rise as per your need. Earlier roller blind models were not so convenient and useful to install. However, with the latest and modern roller blinds, window treatment options have become more user-friendly and better. In the olden days, much effort was required to perform tedious tasks of opening and closing windows. It is no longer required with the modern ones as you can automate the process of opening and closing the blinds conveniently using motorized roller blinds.

Motorized Roller Blind – M Series|Focal Pacific

The motorized roller blind system is designed for any applications with large glazing. User can open or close the blinds with perfect positioning and alignment.