Roller Blinds – M Series

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The M series is a Motorized Roller Blinds System which is designed for the heavy-duty applications for maximum weight up to 60kg and the max. surface size up to 50m². It is suitable for any applications with large glazing. With just one click the user can open or close the blinds with perfect positioning and alignment.

M Series can be controlled by a wall switch, a remote control and is compatible with solar senor, timer switch and rain sensor.

A broad selection of fabrics with various opacity levels ensures your roller blinds to filter in the right amount of light, from sheers, dim out to blackout.


  • Office buildings, Hotels, Restaurants and Retail Shops
  • Luxury Residential, Serviced Apartments and Club Houses
  • Schools, Hospitals and Government Buildings


Features :

  • Wide Range of Tube Options
    Motorized Roller Blinds System incorporating ⌀40mm to ⌀128mm aluminum tubing are designed for different applications.
  • Wide Range of Motor Options
    Standard wired motor, built-in radio transmission wireless motor and silent motor are available.
  • Automatic Control
    Adding a solar sensor and a timer to blinds system enables you to do the different settings to adjust the sunlight of the interior area. It helps to prevent furniture and flooring from color fading.
  • Color Options
    White and aluminum wall mount switch and remote control are available. Special color is on requested only.

Motorized Roller Blind – M Series|Focal Pacific

The motorized roller blind system is designed for any applications with large glazing. User can open or close the blinds with perfect positioning and alignment.

How can motorized roller blinds or electric blinds help you transform the look of your home décor?

The growing trend for home automation and smart devices has increased the popularity of motorized roller blinds. Technological advancements and home automation have enabled people to manage their household work and items using smartphone devices. Today almost everything is automated when it comes to our home appliances like a washing machine, windows, doors, and water heaters. An important feature of smart home automation is that it provides plenty of benefits to people, such as security, safety, and savings, and roller blinds are also no exception. A motorized roller blind is stylish and seeks window treatments that help in enhancing the aesthetic value and look of your home. These window treatments are energy efficient, which transforms your room from an average to a stunning place to live in.

How can your home benefit the most from motorized roller blinds?

The prime advantage of using a motorized roller blind in your home is ensuring maximum convenience. You can easily open or close these blinds using the following options:

Using a push button

With the help of an in-wall keypad

Using remote control

With the help of a tablet or smartphone device

These motorized blinds are an ideal window treatment option for the elderly and seniors who find it difficult and troublesome to get up and adjust their window coverings. Motorized window treatments can be adjusted easily without the need to get up. You can control your blinds remotely and preset their adjustment so that they can be opened or closed automatically whenever you want. For instance, motorized blinds can be pre-programed with the help of a timer so that they can be opened in the morning and closed in the evening.

Following is the list of benefits that you can provide to your home by introducing a motorized roller-blind:


Home devices today are going cordless as they offer convenience and safety, unlike uncorded devices. For example, wireless vacuum cleaners help prevent clutter and tangles, and a cordless keyboard helps make your workspace more clean and spacious. Battery-operated or electric motorized roller blinds being cordless provides maximum convenience to do your work without any hassle. Traditional window coverings and blinds come with cords that can cause strangling hazards or choke kids and pets. There have been many incidents where pets and kids have suffered serious injuries from hanging window blind cords. Motorized blinds being completely cord free provides a safe option to ensure the safety of your pets and kids at home.

Energy Efficiency

You can increase your home's energy efficiency by introducing a motorized roller-blind. Since approximately 30% of the heat in your home is escaping through your windows, choosing the right cover will help you reduce energy consumption and result in lower energy bills. Electric or motorized window blinds add an amazing energy-saving window treatment option that is ideal for houses with tall windows and high ceilings. You can use these blinds in winter as they are a barrier between the inside and window surfaces. On the other hand, in summer, you can lower the motorized window shades to keep the heat and light out of your room. This will make your house cooler, and you need not use your cooling equipment much. Create an ideal home environment with the help of electric blinds.

Complete Privacy

If you want to change your interior home decor, then your first priority should be ensuring your house's privacy. You can protect your home from thieves and the prying eyes of passersby and neighbors. Uncovered windows will expose your room to outsiders to see once the sun sets in. With the help of preset window blinds, you can ensure that the windows are properly covered in the evening and at night. Motorized roller blinds can help you ensure maximum privacy and let light and air enter. You need to choose the fabric of the motorized blinds carefully and ensure its opacity so that you can adjust the light control feature in your room.

Increased Security

Motorized roller blinds have smart lighting control, which acts as a deterrent to thieves and burglars. You can ensure home security by installing motorized window blinds and shades in your room. These blinds will create the illusion that you are present at home even if you are not. You can operate them remotely using an application on your mobile devices and make your property look lived in even if you are away. This will make the burglars and thieves believe that you are present at home. You can also set a timer for opening and closing the blinds to create the illusion. If you want to increase the visual appeal and efficiency of your home décor, you can go for motorized blinds, as they help increase the curb appeal and value of your home over other standard window treatments.

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The right electric curtain can bring amazing benefits to your home by filtering sunlight, controlling airflow and providing privacy. You should consider the above qualities in your motorized or electric curtain to select the window covering that matches your preference and style. The home automation products like motorized curtains has become increasingly important. They work amazingly and last for a long time. Quality electric blinds come with smart features such as a touch motion function, the ability to remember your favorite blind position, integration with a timer to change automatically the position of sunlight, etc.

Motorized Roller Blind – M Series|Focal Pacific

The motorized roller blind system is designed for any applications with large glazing. User can open or close the blinds with perfect positioning and alignment.

Solar Blind|Motorized Interior Skylight|Focal Pacific

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