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Focal Elegant Roman Shade offers a contemporary alternative to curtains, the plain and classical balloon style are the perfect ways to add elegance to any décor.  It can be hand drawn or by motor. The Roman Shading can be hand drawn or by motor, and it is ideal for different size of windows.

A broad selection of fabrics with various opacity levels ensures your roman shades to filter in the right amount of light, from sheers, dim-out to blackout.


  • Offices, Hotels, Restaurants and Retail Shops
  • Luxury Residential, Serviced Apartments and Club Houses
  • Schools and Hospitals


Features :

  • Unique Operation
    All Roman Shade System can provide up/down and intermediate stop operations. The special “Arco 470/2” model provides a central opening and up/down functions.
  • Wide Range of Control Options
    Manual (Chain and Cord) and Motor Via (Wall switch, remote control, radio transmission wall switch)
  • Wide Range of Motor Control
    AC / DC Motor are available
    BV Series – Available with Standard (RS), Silent (SLT) or Radio Transmission (RTS ) motors.
    MYS Series – Available with Standard (RS), Silent (SLT) or Radio Transmission (RTS ) motors.

Roman Shade|Perfect Ways to Add Elegance|Focal Pacific

The Roman shade offers a contemporary alternative to curtains, the plain and classical balloon style are the perfect ways to add elegance to any décor.

Top tips and tricks on how to use Roman blinds or Roman shades for your interior home design

From the perspective of design and functionality, windows form an integral part of your room. Windows should provide your room with maximum ventilation and natural light. Blinds and curtains are window treatments that help adjust the light and air entering your room. They help emphasize and frame the windows against your room's color and décor. Roman shades or blinds have been used for centuries and are available in various fabrics, styles, and colors, making them a versatile window treatment option. Roman shades help in increasing the look of your room irrespective of whether you want a modern or traditional décor for your room. They are convenient to maintain and clean and also easy to use. Buying Roman blinds for your windows will be a smart choice for you. The tips and tricks will help you choose the right fabric and color for your Roman window blinds.

Which rooms are fit for Roman blinds?

Before buying Roman blinds, you need to know how you can use them and which rooms or areas look the best with them. These blinds are versatile window treatments that can be used in any room you want. They are designed with different fabrics to serve different rooms depending on the window location and the amount of light the room receives. You can frame your windows in a better position using Roman shades compared to other Venetian blinds, curtains, vertical and roller blinds.

Roman shades or blinds offer good insulation so that your room looks homely. They are mostly used in the study, bedroom, living room, and other residential rooms. They offer a clean finish and a professional décor to conference rooms and offices. Even though they are traditional furnishings that have been used for centuries, they are still in use today and have a timeless appeal, so they look beautiful in any room where you place them.

Can you use Roman blinds in kitchens and bathrooms?

Roman blinds or shades are made of traditional fabrics, so they cannot be used in moisture-laden or damp areas such as bathrooms and the kitchen. It is imperative to choose the fabric of Roman blinds to not accumulate mold and dust because of humidity. You must clean the grease and grime away from your blinds regularly to keep them tidy and clean. Kitchen blinds usually soak up grease and oil and tend to accumulate dust on them. Luxury fabrics like faux silk, velvet, and taffeta become prominently damaged due to moisture. You can use cotton blends and polyester for humid rooms since they can be washed frequently and easily cleaned.

How should you choose fabrics and linings for your Roman blind?

While buying window drapery, irrespective of whether you're choosing Roller-blind or Roman-blind, it is important to consider the amount of sunlight in mind so that the direct sunlight does not fade away the color of the lining and fabric. Overlooking this point will make your blinds look patchy and dull from the outside, even if they look nice and colorful from the interior of your room. If you want to eliminate malfunctioning of your furniture and furnishing, choose the blinds carefully and make sure they are made of best of the fabrics and linings.

Some lightweight fabrics, such as taffeta and silk, and medium-weight fabrics, such as linen and cotton, provide sharp and crisp folds to your blind. On the other hand, heavy fabrics like pure wool, chenille, and velvet provide neat fools and professional pleats. Lining supports the shape and structure of your blinds and even properly heightens channels and towels. Lining acts as an additional filter between face fabric and sunlight. Therefore, your blinds do not fade away easily. Blackout linings are the most commonly preferred option for windows since they help lower fabric fading and ensure proper insulation.

Which style and designs should I choose for my blinds?

There are diverse styles, folds, dripping patterns, and designs of Roman blinds available in the market for you to choose from. Roman shades come in various options, and you can choose any stylish and unique blinds from any drapery store. Some common styles available for Roman blinds are relaxed, hobbled, classic, and flat. You can use either one of these four styles for your home or office premises and give a completely new look to the decor of the premises. Hobbled and classic Roman blind styles utilize dowels to provide a pleated and neatly folded look. They come with a stiff professional look. Flat Roman blinds utilize a single-piece fabric without using any dowels. European or relaxed Roman blinds add a soft look in contrast to the stiff, flat Roman style. After deciding on the room, blind fabric, design, and styles for your Roman shade, you have to carefully choose the patterns and colors of your blinds so that they can match the room décor.

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Roman Shade|Perfect Ways to Add Elegance|Focal Pacific

The Roman shade offers a contemporary alternative to curtains, the plain and classical balloon style are the perfect ways to add elegance to any décor.

Roller blinds versus roller shades

People often use blinds and shades interchangeably since they are window treatments; however, shades and blinds are different types of window coverings. Structured window coverings are blinds with steps so they can be tilted open or closed, whereas shades are single solid window covers made with soft textiles. You may find roller blinds in vertical and horizontal shapes and typically made of bamboo, wood, aluminum, vinyl, woven wood, faux wood, etc. Trendy shades styles include Roman shades, cellular shades, roller shades, etc. Shades and blinds have the same function, covering your window and providing light control, privacy, decoration, etc. You can choose between the two depending on your lifestyle and specific preferences.