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Focal Elegant Roman Shade offers a contemporary alternative to curtains, the plain and classical balloon style are the perfect ways to add elegance to any décor.  It can be hand drawn or by motor. The Roman Shading can be hand drawn or by motor, and it is ideal for different size of windows.

A broad selection of fabrics with various opacity levels ensures your roman shades to filter in the right amount of light, from sheers, dim-out to blackout.


  • Offices, Hotels, Restaurants and Retail Shops
  • Luxury Residential, Serviced Apartments and Club Houses
  • Schools and Hospitals


Features :

  • Unique Operation
    All Roman Shade System can provide up/down and intermediate stop operations. The special “Arco 470/2” model provides a central opening and up/down functions.
  • Wide Range of Control Options
    Manual (Chain and Cord) and Motor Via (Wall switch, remote control, radio transmission wall switch)
  • Wide Range of Motor Control
    AC / DC Motor are available
    BV Series – Available with Standard (RS), Silent (SLT) or Radio Transmission (RTS ) motors.
    MYS Series – Available with Standard (RS), Silent (SLT) or Radio Transmission (RTS ) motors.

Roman Shade|Perfect Ways to Add Elegance|Focal Pacific

The Roman shade offers a contemporary alternative to curtains, the plain and classical balloon style are the perfect ways to add elegance to any décor.

Various styles and options of window blinds for you to choose from- Roman blinds and Roman shades

If you have standard-sized windows in your home, you can purchase easily available blinds ready-made in any drapery store or online. Blinds are available in various colors, styles, materials, and designs for you to choose from according to your home décor design and personal requirements. Roman blinds and shades are cheaper than curtains, so they are popular and in demand. While choosing Roman shades, you need to make sure that they match your room's background and wall color. It is important to ensure that the design and color of the blind you buy blend with the flooring, wallpaper, and other furniture and furnishings in your room.

The categories of blinds are as follows.

Roller blinds

Roller blinds are constructed with stiffened fabric and easily operated using a spring mechanism. There are diverse roller blind styles available to cater to the individual needs of homeowners and interior designers. You will also find blind styles where you can cut the width according to the size of your window. Another option is a blackout roller blind that helps block unwanted daylight and keep your room cool. You can also place blackout roller blinds behind your curtains if you want to have a sound sleep and filter the light that enters your room through the window.

Fabric shades and Roman blinds

Fabric shades and Roman blinds are found commonly in many households and are constructed with fabrics like leather, faux fax, hemp, linen, silk, faux suede, cotton, etc. You can raise or lower the Roman shade using a cord mechanism connected to the cords or Slats on the back portion of the blinds.

Venetian blinds

These are the blinds that people are easily familiar with and use in their households. Venetian blinds have wood, horizontal metal, or plastic material with different widths. They are versatile, as you can easily raise them or pull them down to control your room's light effect. You will also find ready-made wooden blinds constructed with natural wood material. If you want a tropical or exotic look to your room, you can choose wooden Venetian blinds that are created with the help of bamboo, oak, driftwood, etc. If your floors are wooden, then this type of blind will suit your home décor. They are also priced higher than other window coverings. Lightweight aluminum Venetian blinds are also popular, as they're available in diverse colors. PVC Venetian blinds are slowly becoming mainstream and popular among homeowners and home designers. On the other hand, many Venetian blinds provide casual and narrow slats look to your room.

Vertical Blinds

Blinds that have vertical panels and are made of vinyl, fabric, wood, or metal are known as Vertical Blinds. These blinds are used in rooms that help to let in adequate sunlight or block out sunlight completely. Vertical blinds are a fashionable choice when combined with curtains and generally have lower prices than bamboo. Vertical blinds and paper blinds are two commonly used blinds. Cane blinds offer a Mediterranean and exotic appeal to your room and help suppress lighting

What are the different styles and types of Roman blinds available?

Roman blind are available in different types, such as balloon, relaxed, hobbled, and flat Roman blinds. The most common type of Roman blind is the classical flat blind, where the pleats are flat when you open them. If you want an elegant and artistic look to your interior room décor, you can go for hobbled Roman blinds. Relaxed Roman shade provides a casual sporty appeal to your room. It came with rounded folds and was constructed with lightweight fabric materials. Balloon Roman blinds are also constructed with the help of lightweight material similar to hobbled Roman blinds, and they are named like this because they look airy. Roman blinds and Roman shades are low-priced blinds that are easy to maintain and install. They are highly durable, stylish, beautiful, practical, and modern. They are rising in popularity. You can also choose diverse styles and a range of ready-made Roman blinds from a drapery store or online store.

A vast array of different styles of Roman blinds

Roman blinds have existed for decades; however, they have not been popular. But scenarios are changing today, and people consider Roman blinds a popular and useful choice when choosing a window treatment. Roman blinds are unique and function differently than other window coverings. They offer a classy and elegant look to your room, so if you want to transform a charm to your interior home décor, these should be your first choice. They are available in different materials, designs, and styles for you to choose from. Just by changing your curtains, by installing Roman shades on your windows, you can change the complete ambiance and look of your room.

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Roman Shade|Perfect Ways to Add Elegance|Focal Pacific

The Roman shade offers a contemporary alternative to curtains, the plain and classical balloon style are the perfect ways to add elegance to any décor.

Roller blinds versus roller shades

People often use blinds and shades interchangeably since they are window treatments; however, shades and blinds are different types of window coverings. Structured window coverings are blinds with steps so they can be tilted open or closed, whereas shades are single solid window covers made with soft textiles. You may find roller blinds in vertical and horizontal shapes and typically made of bamboo, wood, aluminum, vinyl, woven wood, faux wood, etc. Trendy shades styles include Roman shades, cellular shades, roller shades, etc. Shades and blinds have the same function, covering your window and providing light control, privacy, decoration, etc. You can choose between the two depending on your lifestyle and specific preferences.